What is Tuduli?

Tuduli is a simple application for creating todo lists and editing tasks. You can share your lists with your colleagues, fellow students and friends. You can assign a date to your tasks and take notes. You can also create subtasks and comments and create recurring tasks.

What is a recurring task?

Surely you know tasks that you have to perform regularly. To avoid having to create new tasks each time, you can set an interval for a task. If the task is done by you, Tuduli will create a new task with the date for the next time the task must be completed.

Can lists be archived?

Yes, you can archive individual lists. In the settings window of each list there is a button for archiving. Archived lists are not deleted, but their tasks do not appear in the smart lists or in the search. If you need a list again, you can reactivate it via your user settings. Note that you can only archive lists that you own. You also cannot archive your default list.

Why is it so complicated to use Tuduli on my smartphone?

We are glad that you want to use Tuduli from your smartphone. Unfortunately, Tuduli is a hobby project and is being developed by a one-man team. In addition to developing the website, the server application must also be developed and the server must be maintained. This takes a lot of time and there is currently no time to optimize Tuduli for smartphone users. As soon as the time resources are relaxed and the website and server applications are completed, an Android app will be developed.

Can I restore my deleted lists?

No. Unfortunately, you cannot restore your deleted lists. If you delete a list in Tuduli, the list and all tasks will be deleted. In special cases we can restore your list from a backup. Alternatively, you can also archive your list. Here the list will not be deleted.

Can I restore my deleted tasks?

No. Deleted tasks can not be recovered. If you delete something in Tuduli, it will really be deleted. In special cases, your tasks will be restored from a backup.

Why can I not delete my account?

You can not delete your account if you are the maintainer of a list of members. You can not delete your account until you are no longer the owner of shared lists.

What data do you store about me?

We only store the data that you provide to us. We identify you exclusively via your email address. We do not process any personal information on our public sites.

Do you use Google Analytics?

No. We do not use Google Analytics anymore. We stopped using the service in mid of May 2018.